Asset Management Company

Company Overview

HEIWA REAL ESTATE Asset Management CO., LTD.
Main Office
Kabutocho Heiwa Bldg. No.2
9-1 Nihonbashi-kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 103-0026
March 24, 2000
295,575 thousand yen
Major Shareholders
President & Representative Director
Masanori Hirano
Business Planning Division General Manager
Daisuke Kobayashi
Investment Management Division General Manager
Yasutaka Watanabe
Tomoharu Nakao
Nobuhiro Seo
Naoto Kato
Business Lines
Investment Management Services
Registrations, Licenses
Financial Instruments Business
Reg. No. 316, Director-General, Kanto Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments and Exchange Act)
Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business
Lic. No. (4) 79529, Governor of Tokyo
Discretionary Transaction Agent
Lic. No. 8, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism


March 24, 2000
Crescendo Co., Ltd. established
May 24, 2001
Change business name from Crescendo Co., Ltd. to Canal Investment Trust Co., Ltd.
July 3, 2001
Licensed as a discretionary transaction agent under the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business
Act (Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism No. 8)
September 14, 2001
Approved as an investment trust corporation asset manager under the former Investment Trust and Investment Corporation
Act to amendment by the Act Partially Amending the Securities and Exchange Act, etc. (Act No. 65 of 2006).
(Prime Minister No. 12)
September 30, 2008
Acquired deemed registration for investment management business under the Financial instruments and Exchange Act Director-General, Kanto Finance Bureau (Kinsho) No. 316
October 19, 2009
100% of shares of Canal Investment Trust CO., LTD. acquired by HEIWA REAL ESTATE CO., LTD.
July 1, 2010
Changed business name from Canal Investment Trust Co., Ltd. to HEIWA REAL ESTATE Asset Management CO., LTD. (present name)
October 1, 2010
Entered into an absorption-type merger with Japan Single-residence Asset Management Corp.

Management Structure

Management Structure

Real Estate Investment Department
  • Manage Investment Committee Office
  • Investment strategy, investment standards
  • Create, implement plans to purchase/sell assets
  • Risk management for asset purchases/sales
  • Select property management companies when purchasing assets
  • Collect, survey/analyze information related to real estate transaction market
Office Asset Management Department and
Residence Asset Management Department
  • Manage Investment Committee Office
  • Create implement plans for managed asset operations
  • Risk management for managed asset operations
  • Create, manage profit statements by property
  • Manage, change property management companies
  • Collect, survey/analyze information related to real estate leasing market
Planning&Finance Department
  • Create management plan, revenue plan, dividends policy, and asset management plan; Manage budget
  • Collect, survey/analyze information related to the business environment, market, other REITs, etc.
  • Create, modify Investment Corporation bylaws, management guidelines
  • Capital acquisition/management
  • Financial management
  • Negotiate with rating organizations
  • Asset custodian related matters
  • IR/information disclosure
  • Create/manage Investment Corporation Website
  • Create disclosure documents
  • Manage investor information
  • Respond to complaints by investors
  • General services provider (investor roster, etc. manager) related matters
Business Administration Department
  • Form, alter asset management contracts
  • Financial closing
  • Support for General Investors’ Meeting, Board of Directors
  • General services provider (accounting, institutional management) related matters

Services for the Asset Management Company

  • General affairs, accounting, human resources
  • Interface with oversight agencies, other related groups
  • Licenses, registrations, filings
  • Operations for General Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Directors
  • Information security, information systems equipment operation/maintenance/administration
  • System risk management
Compliance & Risk Management Office
  • Manage Compliance Committee Office
  • Develop, manage internal rules
  • Monitor, examine compliance with laws and regulations
  • Manage corporate information
  • General risk management
  • Create, supplement internal controls
  • Implement compliance-related employee education
  • Accept, respond to complaints, problems, etc.
  • Response to antisocial entities/forces
  • Cooperate with internal audits
  • Manage Disciplinary Committee Office
  • Other compliance and risk management operations
Internal Audit Office
  • Plan, propose internal audit policy
  • Conduct internal audits
  • Direction, improvement recommendations, and proposals based on internal audit results
  • Plan, manage independent inspections
  • External auditor support

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