As of May 31, 2018

Title Name Career Highlights
Executive Director Masaaki Higashihara April 1977 Joined the Japan Real Estate Bank, Ltd. (presently Aozora Bank, Ltd.)
June 2000 Named System Operation Manager at The Nippon Credit Bank, Ltd. (presently Aozora Bank, Ltd.)
August 2004 Temporary assignment to Aozora Information Systems Co., Ltd. Managing Executive officer System Operations Manager
July 2006 Returned to Aozora Bank, Ltd. Named Director of administrative department
June 2007 Named General Manager, IT at Aozora Bank, Ltd.
April 2008 Temporary assignment to Aozora Information Systems Co., Ltd. Named Operation Department Manager
December 2009 Named Investment Corporation Executive Director (current position)
Supervisory Director Noriyuki Katayama April 1990 Became licensed attorney
Joined Nagashima and Ohno (presently Nagashima, Ohno & Tsunematsu)
October 1996 Joined Tokyo City Law & Tax Partners (presently City-Yuwa Partners)
January 2000 Named partner of City-Yuwa Partners (current position)
September 2000 Named Legal counsel of Mitsui Fudosan Co, Ltd,
Real Estate Securitization Department
October 2004 Named statutory Auditor (part-time) of Deutsche Asset Management Japan (current position)
April 2006 Named part-time lecture Meiji University Graduate Program of Global Business (Business School)(current position)
June 2013 Named Supervisory Director of SIA REIT, Inc (presently One REIT, Inc)
June 2014 Named Statutory Auditor (part-time)
of Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Supervisory Director Hidekazu Kubokawa November 1976 Joined Chuo Accounting Firm
August 1980 Licensed as a Certified Public Accountant
July 1986 Opened Kubokawa Certified Public Accountant Office (presently Yotsuya Partners Accounting Firm) and named Representative Partner (current position)
March 1987 Licensed as a Certified Public Tax Accountant
February 1989 Named Outside Corporate Auditor of Softbank Corp. (presently SoftBank Group Corp.)(current position)
June 2005 Named Outside Corporate Auditor of Kyoritsu Printing Co., Ltd. (current position)
October 2005 Named Supervisory Director of re-plus residential investment inc. (presently Japan Rental Housing Investments Inc.)
August 2011 Named Investment Corporation Supervisory Director (current position)

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