Considerations to the Environment

HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc., in accordance with the Charter of Corporate Behavior of its sponsor, HEIWA REAL ESTATE CO., LTD., acknowledges that one of its basic management tasks is to address environmental issues in the real estate sector. It will seek to give consideration to the environment and work to reduce the environment load in accordance with the policies set out below, demonstrating an awareness of its corporate social responsibility with the aim of contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

1. Endeavors in Resource and Energy Saving

HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc. will endeavor to promote the efficient use of resources and energy in connection with the real estate it manages by introducing and using technologies and systems designed to reduce resource and energy consumption.

2. Reduction of Environmental Load

To help reduce the environmental load, HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc. will promote efforts to save water, as well as practices for reducing, reusing, and recycling waste, by working together with parties concerned with real estate investment and management in an effort to build a recycling-oriented society.

3. Compliance with Environment-Related Laws and Regulations

HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc. will comply with environment-related laws and regulations to help preserve the environment.

4. Environmental Education and Awareness Building

HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc. will conduct environmental education and awareness building activities to help enhance the level of motivation for preserving the environment.

5. Promotion of Environmental Communications

HEIWA REAL ESTATE REIT, Inc. will endeavor to communicate extensively with society and disclose its environmental policies, environmental activities, and other necessary information to investors, tenants, local communities, and business partners.

May 26, 2015

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